Justin "JT" Freyermuth, Owner
                                                      Owner Justin Freyermuth comes from a running, swimming, and multisport background with an educational                                                               emphasis in exercise science and is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. He received his first undergraduate degree in                                                     Criminal Justice from California State University, Stanislaus where he ran cross-country and track and worked as a                                                       swim instructor.  After graduation, Justin picked up triathlons and was also accepted to the Navy’s Officer Candidate                                                   School where he was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer.  Over the next four years, Justin was deployed                                                         twice to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  During this                                                           time, he also competed in several national and international races including the USAT Long Course National                                                                 Championships, the ITU Long Course World Championships, and Ironman New Zealand. 
    After transitioning to the Navy Reserves, Justin moved to Colorado to pursue his second undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Business Administration. During his time at Colorado State University, Justin has gained valuable experience by working with special populations in an Adult Fitness practicum, writing strength training plans for CSU’s varsity athletics, and writing multisport programs for MP Multisport.  Furthermore, his internship has trained him to conduct VO2 max and lactate threshold tests as well as to conduct slow motion video analysis on runners and swimmers.  He also competed and was the President of the CSU Triathlon Team, helping them earn a top ten finish at the 2013 USAT Collegiate National Championships.  Additionally, Justin has been selected as a member of the All-Navy Triathlon Team for the past two years.
    Justin’s professional, educational, and athletic background led him to contemplate a business that would allow him to leverage all of his knowledge and skills.  By founding the NoCo Endurance Center, Justin can exercise his leadership skills and apply both his education and practical skills to help endurance and multisport athletes thrive in northern Colorado.