1. LT Testing

    As you sit here reading this, your body is producing lactate. Fortunately, at rest and low intensity, your body has the ability to buffer or oxidize much of this lactate. As exercise intensity increases, the working muscles begin to produce more lactate than you can buffer (indicating a loss of aerobic efficiency) and you begin to feel that burning sensation, which is where the term "lactic acid" comes from. A lactate threshold test, done on either the bike or treadmill, will allow us to create the proper training zones for you allowing you to effectively train the body to buffer more lactate at higher exercise intensities. Cost: $85

  2. VO2 Max Testing

    A VO2 Max test allows you to see how efficient your body is at using oxygen and is a good indicator of aerobic fitness. VO2 max levels tend to drop off dramatically as an individual ages and adopts a more sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, this is a good test to have done annually to ensure you are maintaining your aerobic fitness. Like the lactate threshold test, a VO2 max test can be conducted on the bike or on the treadmill. Cost: $85

  3. Gait Analysis

    Using slow motion video analysis, we can look at your form while you run to help identify areas that can be improved to reduce the risk of injury. Many running stores out there only look at the feet from a posterior view when conducting their analysis. However, at the NoCo Endurance Center, we look at the whole body from multiple angles to ensure we find the root cause of your gait discrepancies. We will then give you drills/exercises to assist you in correcting those discrepancies. Cost: $75

  4. Cycling Studio

    We utilize the Wahoo Kickr Power trainers paired with PerfPro multirider software to ensure you get the most from every workout. Don't want to ride with power? No problem...we have standard trainers to rent as well! Wahoo Kickr: Standard Trainer: $12/ride $5/ride $100 for a 10-pack